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River City Hydraulics, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Harry Long. Initially, the company’s aim was to be a hydraulic repair shop, performing maintenance on hydraulic valves, cylinders, pumps and motors. In addition, we designed and manufactured hydraulic and pneumatic automated machines for specialized projects in the private sector. Although a large percentage of our business originated in the mobile hydraulic repair sector, we also sought out industrial accounts, performing major repairs on injection molding machines, printing machines, bag machines, lumber mills, and various assembly plants. This varied market was a profitable endeavor as we were able to design/redesign machines as the need arose.

As time passed, we found the mobile industry to be a more lucrative market as it was less controlled by the economy, especially true in the refuse industry. Though not a major component of our business at first, we gained experience repairing refuse trucks and compactors. Our customers approached us with the possibility of retailing new models instead of only repairing existing trucks. At that time in Arkansas, Pac-mor was the most widely known and utilized in the area, so we naturally became dealers for this and other entities like Leach. After a period of negations with representatives from the Heil corporation, we also decided to represent their prestigious line. Heil proved to be an especially good fit for our growing company as we were already dealers for simliar lines like Tymco Air Sweepers, Galbreath Hoist, Peterson Loaders, and Stellar Hook Lifts.

The company continued to grow as our reputation in the expanding field of hydraulics became cemented by dozens of satisfied customers. we began in 1982 with a one-bayl shop and a asmall three office rental building, In the early 1990's, we bought a half-acre plot on which our new 6000square foot shop was located. Just in the previous year, we have purchased an adjoining acre in our hometown Sherwood, AR, which became home to a new 6000 sq ft building holding foru supplemental working bays. WE also maintain a facility in Memphis, TN and Baton Rough, LA which manages sales and contracts for Tennessee, Mississippi, and part of Arkansas.

Where We Are Today

River City Hydraulics has been serving Arkansas and the surrounding areas for 30 years. As a whole, we believe we represent the top manufacturing companies in the refuse industry. Our primary line is Heil, a product that was virtually non-existent in our territory prior to our becoming dealers for this quality company. Per Heil corporate report, 86% of the packer bodies in use in our region were produced by their company, demonstrating the aggressiveness and productivity of our committed sales team.

We carry a profuse inventory of replacement parts and a qualified parts/installation team with over 50 years combined experience in the refuse industry. Each member is factory trained to aid customers in diagnosing which part is needed and how that particular part contributes to the overall functioning of the product.
Our service personnel possess over 100 years combined experience and are qualified to repair equipment in each line that we handle, particularly excelling in automated packer bodies. They have an integral relationship with the Parts department to consistently upgrade our inventory to ensure a rapid repair turnaround.

The salespeople at River City Hydraulics, Inc., both internal and external, are proactive and first-rate marketers. Through their extensive knowledge of all our equipment, they are able to assess potential customers’ needs and provide them with the most appropriate product to suite their individual requirements.

Our company motto is “Service After The Sale” and this is evident in every aspect of our business. Throughout the industry, we have a reputation for honesty and sincerity from the top down. Our customers recognize that we will tackle any dilemma that arises and work with them to solve this quandary, even if it means taking a monetary loss ourselves. This is the foundation of why we have succeeded in becoming the best in the business: we never stop seeking ways to better serve our customers and anticipate their needs, even before they arise.

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